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Air Freight

AirFreightWith 25 US offices and partners in 120 countries worldwide Hamilton Shipping can offer a comprehensive solution to the most demanding air, ocean and road transportation requirements in Ireland. We offer a full import and export service to include customs brokerage, air charter services and documentation services for all types of cargo. Speed of delivery is balanced against the higher cost of moving cargo by air.

We have now coupled our excellent sea freight network with air freight to provide a SEA/AIR  option to all our customers.This New service provides speed that is not provided singlely by a sea freight option but significantly reduces the costs of moving exclusively by air. Effective coordination and negotiation with Carriers can mean a seafreight leg avoids any congestion being experienced at many origin airports while availing of space on less busy sea routes out of Asia for example. The end result is a faster service with  commeasurate freight costs Hamilton Shipping remain fully committed to meeting the exacting requirements of its customers.  For further details on all our Airfreight services , please contact :  Simon O'CallaghanEmail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it